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Lion Stone Art

Marble, which has the characteristics of a unique piece of art and which comes into form after millions of years has been used as an irreplaceable building material for many centuries by the human being due to its elegancy, beauty and durability; and it has turned out to be the symbol of richness and welfare.

We directly fetch marble, which are unique pieces of art presented to us by the nature; and we treat, design it for you -our end users-; and consequently we enrich your living spaces.

Beside the fact that we export marble, which we extract from the queries under our possession, as partially treated and fully treated products; we also treat marble, which we purchase from domestic or foreign sources as partially treated products and which we treat via cutting-edge technology machines and then we present them to your projects.

Beside the fact that we integrate our experience, which we have gained through projects and applications since year 2001, into this sector on marble; we turn out to be your business partner throughout your projects. We design together with you; we constantly track new kinds of stones and the sector; then we find unique limited stones for you and we present them to your taste, our valuable customers.

Together with our business partners in many different fields with whom we have set up professional relationships, and together with our designer team and montage team, we actively perform all kind of processes starting from the stage of design up to the stage of production and montage. We present three-dimensional (3D) wallpapers, hybrid furniture made of marble, abstract sculptures, waterjet applications; moreover, we also design and manufacture personal products too. Creating aesthetic locations and objects by means of natural stones is our job!